About Us

About us

The Blue Elephant – the restaurant is located in the heart of Aberdeen City. It has been widely recognised as the pioneer of exquisite Indian cuisine in the North East. The Blue Elephant has started as an Indian Takeaway in 1998. Since then they are serving mouth watering delicacies to their loyal customers. As an Outcome they opened up a cosy restaurant on 303 George Street to have a Fine Dining for their loyal customers.

The Blue Elephant is a stunning restaurant where contemporary meets traditional. No expense has been spared in achieving this, and as you step into restaurant, you will certainly see just that. The decor is clean and tidy with finished walls.

They have a single aim – to be able to deliver the authentic Royal Indian dining experience to its patrons with utmost courtesy and hospitality. The menu will take you on a culinary journey through the North of India with a couple of stops through Bengal and Bangladesh. At this regal eatery, indulgence is paramount.